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Crunchouse Co. Fitness and Wellness provides both sports and functional wellness techniques and individualized programs for members of the Houston area.

Take Charge of Your Wellness… It’s Up to You!

From group and business classes to one-on-one sessions, the mission is to educate, challenge, and develop self efficacy in members by equipping them with the proper tools needed to take better control of their individual health and wellness needs. You deserve to know of tools specifically created to help you take care of your body no matter the time or place.

Build and Maintain a Healthy Body With Specific Techniques:

1. Myo-fascial Stretching

Increase the quality of your body’s soft tissues in relation to another.

2. Isolated Functional Muscle Training

Reinforce the muscles need to maintain proper poster and great quality of movement.


A POWERFUL self-normalizing technique. ELDOAs are postural exercises that you can do alone to create space in a compressed joint (self correcting a joint). Used to reinforce orthopaedic treatments. This will have both local and global affects on your body.

Implement these techniques daily and notice how your body improves.

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